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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Summer Update 5

Where has the summer gone? It's already August and school is about to start in a couple weeks!! I had a really fun July, including trips to San Diego, San Francisco, and Vegas (DO NOT STAY IN VEGAS FOR 5 DAYS EVER). Also, I'm finally getting to know Southern California better. Because I've been up in the bay area since college, I never really spent much time around LA until now. Who knew the sunset strip in Hollywood is such a hot spot to hang out!

As orientation for Yale gets closer, I'm getting more and more excited about bschool. They released the orientation schedule and I'm definitely looking forward to eating lunch at the Yale Club in NYC and stopping by NYSE. I've never been to Wall Street, but I imagine screaming traders and lotsa money flowing through computer screens. As far as pre-arrival check off items, I've finished most of the things I need to do. I stopped by my high school's district office to pick up my immunization records (not that I hate needles, but I don't feel like standing in line to get unncessary shots during orientation). I also stopped by the Post Office last week to get my passport ready (better to do it now for the int'l trip in January). I've read two of the three req'd books (Buffet and Walton biographies) but I'm struggling to finish Gandhi's autobiography. It's an interesting book but really long.

The weirdest pre-arrival check off item was buying a one-way plane ticket. I did a lot of research and in some situations, it's almost cheaper to use half a roundtrip ticket versus just buying a one-way ticket. I don't know how the pricing in the airline industry works, but that doesn't make intuitive sense. It'd be interesting to read a case study on how airlines set their prices.

Lastly, I found out that I'm eligible for the Hope Tax Credit this year! Because I worked only the first half of 2006, and I'm a student in 2006, I'm eligible for $1500 credit. Credit is better than a deduction cuz this is Uncle Sam just giving me $1500!

13 Days till I move to New Haven
20 Days till Orientation


  • At 8:25 PM, Blogger Forrest Gump said…

    its "probably" this way. but setting low prices for a return ticket, they actually play on our minds. when you have a return ticket, you will always think that 1)money invested in the unused half will be a waste if not used 2)you have a ticket so you probably can squeez a trip back home. if you succumb to either 1 or 2, we are essentially giving the airlines more revenue, because at the end of the day you would have to fly back to work :)

  • At 10:54 PM, Blogger Marina said…

    Ack. My flight was $220 one freaking way. I feel robbed. But then again, I really wanted to fly into LGA to save that $30 on the cab ride...hmmmmm I am not sure i got that great of a deal with a connecting flight at 3am i nthe ATL. No use in worrying about it now, in 23 hours I will be in the air.

    I thought you are driving cross country???

  • At 11:32 PM, Blogger fromcali said…

    Yeah...don't even get me started on one-way plane tickets. I'm so used to flying airlines that charge separately for each segment (Southwest, America West) that i sometimes forget that's not the norm.

    Luckily I had a free Southwest plane ticket. :) OAK - MDW - DTW.

    Anyway, to answer the question on my post, I am not allowed to put anything in the car when I ship (they sent me a checklist). I also don't have skis or golf clubs. I do kinda wish i can put my TV in the trunk though. I can't believe I left so little time between work and school either, but most of July was really not busy at work. So I've been able to relax and go out of town a lot.

  • At 1:04 PM, Blogger KV said…

    wow you're so close to starting b-school....
    you're gonna love it.

  • At 4:24 AM, Blogger Marina said…

    The weather is actually pretty nice, except for when I got caught in the rain TWICE yesterday. I don't think I have had the chance to go running through pouring rain since I was 12. So much fun! Not the second time though, that time I had two huge bags with me =/

  • At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I just came across your blog. Good luck with school. I was a Yale SOM admit (Class of 2008) and was in the same boat -- waitlisted at Wharton and then denied. We probably shook hands at the Yale SOM admit weekend! I decided to defer my admission for a year, mainly to take another crack at Wharton. I don't want to second guess, but sometimes I wonder whether it is worth going through the tourture of the application process again? Anyways........

    Good luck with SOM. I will be interested in reading how the curriculum changes go. Also, check out my photo website, if you get a chance. Lots of pics from the Bay Area:

    ~ Pramit (E-mail:

  • At 4:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    gene, how come no updates? post pics of your sweet bachelor pad soon. :) don't forget to come out in the winter for some skiing.


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